Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon Timeline

Here is a table by Langdora: Guide to Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon Universe summarizing the key events, their locations, and resulting actions from Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series, considering all five books:

Angels & Demons (2000)

YearLocationEvent DescriptionResulting Actions
2000CERN, SwitzerlandRobert Langdon is called to investigate the murder of physicist Leonardo Vetra.Discovers the Illuminati ambigram, setting off the quest to stop the Illuminati.
2000Vatican CityLangdon and Vittoria Vetra search for the antimatter canister hidden by the Illuminati.Follow the Path of Illumination to find and stop the antimatter.
2000RomeLangdon discovers the four altars of science: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.Rescues the cardinals and reveals Camerlengo Ventresca’s plot.

The Da Vinci Code (2003)

YearLocationEvent DescriptionResulting Actions
2003Louvre, ParisRobert Langdon is summoned to the Louvre to examine the murder of Jacques Saunière.Deciphers clues that lead him to uncover secrets about the Priory of Sion and the Holy Grail.
2003Château VilletteLangdon and Sophie Neveu seek help from Sir Leigh Teabing.Learn about the hidden messages in Da Vinci’s works, leading to the discovery of the keystone.
2003LondonLangdon and Sophie follow clues to the Temple Church and Westminster Abbey.Discover the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton and unravel the mystery of the Grail’s location.
2003Rosslyn ChapelLangdon and Sophie reach the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, where they find the final clue revealing the true nature of the Holy Grail.Sophie discovers her heritage, and Langdon realizes the Grail is a symbol of the sacred feminine.

The Lost Symbol (2009)

YearLocationEvent DescriptionResulting Actions
2009Washington, D.C.Robert Langdon is summoned by Peter Solomon to give a lecture, but finds Peter’s severed hand in the Capitol Rotunda.Begins a race to find Peter and stop the villain Mal’akh.
2009Library of CongressLangdon deciphers the symbols on the Masonic Pyramid.Reveals a hidden map that leads to a secret Masonic chamber.
2009House of the TempleLangdon confronts Mal’akh and learns of his true identity and plans to release a video exposing Masonic rituals.Prevents the video release and discovers the true wisdom behind the Masonic secrets.

Inferno (2013)

YearLocationEvent DescriptionResulting Actions
2013Florence, ItalyRobert Langdon wakes up with amnesia and teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks to recover his memories and solve a mystery involving Dante’s Inferno.Follows clues from Dante’s work to find a biohazardous threat.
2013Venice, ItalyLangdon deciphers clues hidden in the artwork and architecture of Venice, leading him closer to understanding Bertrand Zobrist’s plan.Discovers the location of the threat in Istanbul.
2013Istanbul, TurkeyLangdon and Sienna race to stop a plague from being released in the Basilica Cistern.The plague is revealed to be a sterilization virus, and its release cannot be reversed, prompting global response.

Origin (2017)

YearLocationEvent DescriptionResulting Actions
2017Bilbao, SpainRobert Langdon attends the presentation of Edmond Kirsch’s groundbreaking discovery at the Guggenheim Museum.Kirsch is assassinated, leading Langdon to unravel his discovery’s significance and implications.
2017Barcelona, SpainLangdon, with Ambra Vidal, follows clues left by Kirsch to locate his encrypted presentation.Uncovers the truth about human origins and destiny, impacting the world’s understanding of science and religion.

This table outlines key events and their locations, leading to pivotal actions in the respective narratives. The events are structured to reflect the chronology and logical flow within each book.


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