Meet InnovaTRIZ

InnovaTRIZ is a state-of-the-art GPT designed to revolutionize problem-solving through the TRIZ methodology (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Created by an expert in AI solutions, InnovaTRIZ is your go-to assistant for tackling engineering and technical challenges with precision and innovation.

Key Features:

  1. Detailed TRIZ Principles: InnovaTRIZ explains each of the 40 TRIZ principles with clear examples, ensuring users understand and can apply these principles effectively.
  2. Contradictions Matrix: By using the TRIZ contradictions matrix, InnovaTRIZ helps identify and resolve technical contradictions, offering solutions grounded in relevant principles.
  3. 9 Windows Technique: This technique provides holistic solutions by considering the system, subsystem, and supersystem levels across past, present, and future scenarios.
  4. Structured Problem-Solving Workflow: InnovaTRIZ follows a meticulous workflow—problem identification, analysis using TRIZ tools, application of appropriate principles, solution proposal, and evaluation.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Input your problems easily and receive tailored solutions. Users can specify problem types and provide feedback for continuous improvement.
  6. Rich Examples and Case Studies: InnovaTRIZ includes diverse examples and case studies to illustrate the application of TRIZ principles, making it easier to relate and implement solutions.
  7. Continuous Learning: The system is designed to evolve, integrating new TRIZ principles and techniques, and updating its knowledge base to enhance problem-solving capabilities.
  8. Seamless Integration: InnovaTRIZ can integrate with other engineering and project management tools, allowing for smooth data import/export and enhanced collaboration.
  9. Rigorous Testing and Validation: Solutions provided by InnovaTRIZ are thoroughly tested and validated using real-world scenarios to ensure high accuracy and reliability.


  • Innovative Solutions: Unlock creative and inventive solutions to complex problems.
  • Efficiency: Streamline the problem-solving process with a structured and methodical approach.
  • Expert Guidance: Leverage the power of TRIZ principles with expert-level explanations and applications.
  • Holistic View: Consider multiple levels and timelines to ensure comprehensive solutions.
  • User-Centric Design: Enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience with continuous improvements based on user feedback.

InnovaTRIZ stands out as a powerful tool for anyone seeking to enhance their problem-solving capabilities in engineering and technical fields. Discover how InnovaTRIZ can transform your approach to innovation and problem-solving today.


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